The Netflix App is giving you a hard time? No worries!

Please ensure that you have a Premium Keenow account before setting your device.
Netflix App vs Netflix Web

Before we begin, it's important to understand that there are major technological variations between Netflix for web (i.e. and the Netflix App (i.e. Netflix for Android or iPhone) - although the content served is identical.

Most recent Netflix apps use hard-coded DNS (Google's and as well as hard-coded IP addresses for some Netflix domains. In other words, the Smart DNS feature of Keenow Smart DNS (even the free Lite version) will help you to easily unblock Netflix for web - but NOT the Netflix App.
The good news is that the VPN feature of Keenow Premium can easily unblock the Netflix app, and you can use your own router (OpenVPN or L2TP/IPsec) or Keenow VPN built-in virtual router feature (for Windows 7+) to create a new WiFi network and connect other devices to the VPN - including Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV's and more.

June 2017 Update - The Netflix app for Android TV, Roku (and potentially other devices) now also uses the network default gateway's DNS to resolve domains, in addition to Google DNS. End-users are advised to set Smart DNS on their routers ( and or alternativey use the Virtual Router feature.
 IMPORTANT:  We have encountered a number of online guides that instruct users to change the routing and firewall settings of their routers, so the Netflix app could work with just a Smart DNS rather than a VPN. We tried - but none of the methods actually worked for us. Therefore, we have decided to officially support Netflix App unblocking using our VPN service only (as opposed to Netflix for web). We do not support or endorse altering your router routing and/or firewall settings for unblocking purposes.