Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We divided the FAQ into two sections. The first one is a Product FAQ, for normal people that just want to unblock streaming services and don’t really care what’s happening under the hood. The second part of the FAQ is technical and dedicated for geeks.

Keenow Unblocker FAQ (+Netflix Troubleshooting)

What is Keenow and why should I use it?

Keenow (formerly Keen One World) is an Unblocker service which allows people from all over the world to access websites and apps that are normally blocked for them - especially US online streaming services such as Netflix US, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora Radio to name few.

In addition, the premium version of Keenow also includes a VPN service which allows our users to conceal their online identity and protect themselves online.

How much the service cost?

We built Keenow out of ideology and we want to let anyone easily unblock services and apps from anywhere in the world. We provide two plans:

  • Keenow Lite - a free version of Keenow with 512MB bandwidth per day. Coupled with the Smart DNS technology, end-users are able to enjoy long hours of HD video and audio streaming everyday, with the exception of very few platforms which do require extended bandwidth usage (Netflix for example).
  • Keenow Premium - we have a stance to make Keenow affordable for everyone - and from $5.79 a month end-users enjoy unlimited bandwidth, able to unblock additional services from non-US countries, and get full VPN access to protect and conceal their online identity.
How do I start using the service?

Easy - just press on the ‘Get Keenow Now’ button above and follow the instructions.

Which countries Keenow supports?

You can use Keenow from anywhere in the world.

  • Keenow Lite unblocks streaming services from the U.S. only - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc...
  • Keenow Premium gives you access to other countries, including Canada, the U.K., the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, France, Germany and obviously the U.S.
What platforms Keenow supports?

Keenow has an easy-to-use app for Microsoft Windows - all the way from Windows XP to Windows 10. Other Operating System are supported as well, but do require to be set with manual settings which are included on the Keenow Setup Guides section.

Currently we provide manual setup guides for Android, Android TV, Mac OS, iOS, Routers and Smart TV’s. In addition, we are currently working on an Android App for Mobile, Tablets and Smart TV’s.

Who is the team behind Keenow and what made us build the service?

Keenow was developed by Keen Media Group, a team of IT professionals from 3 different countries. We have a very strong stance against geo-blocking and the fact that International end-users are discriminated compared to our USA peers, and for us Keenow is an ideology far more than a business.

We invite you to visit the European Consumer Organisation website to thoroughly understand why Geo-blocking is a very wrong business practice.

Why Keenow isn’t 100% free anymore?

Initially, the first version of Keenow was indeed a free service which gave users unlimited bandwidth to access U.S. sites in exchange for an installation of a Newtab/Search extension called MediaTab.TV. However, the model proved wrong due to the following reasons:

  1. Netflix had a serious crackdown on VPN and unblockers in early 2016, and the bandwidth cost required to unblock Netflix nowadays is tremendously more expensive than other services (i.e. CDN proxying).
  2. Most of the MediaTab.TV extensions were taken down from the Chrome Web Store (CWS) due to single-purpose policy issues. We worked very hard and built a legit product - and we have no intentions to play cat-and-mouse with the Chrome Web Store policy team.
  3. A large portion of our users run ad-blockers, which significanty affected our income from the MediaTab.TV search extension up to a point where it didn't cover our servers expenses anymore.
  4. Although Keenow users describe our support as nothing less than amazing, we were continually receiving 1-star ranking on the Chrome Web Store from users that didn’t even bother to contact our support team. Easy come - easy go.

That being said, we now offer Keenow Lite which allows users to unblock hundred of US sites for free.

How to upgrade from Keenow v1 to Keenow v2?

The main difference is that Keenow v2 requires a quick registration both for free and premium accounts. Just press on ‘Get Keenow now’ link at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

If you already have an account with us then you can go ahead and download the new builds:

  • Microsoft Windows - the new build can be downloaded from the main setup page
  • Other Operating Systems - we have launched an automated update on the Chrome Web Store with detailed instructions on how to enable Keenow v2, and your app should be updated as well. If it doesn’t, then please install the app directly from the Chrome Web Store
I've installed everything right but Netflix US still doesn't work! What to do now?

This section relates to Netflix for web (i.e. If you are enquiring about the Netflix app (i.e. iPhone, Android, Playstation, etc...), then please jump ahead to the next question.

In most cases, issues with Netflix are a result of DNS caching by your browser or device, but before we jump to cleaning your DNS cache, let’s check the following to determine the root cause of the issue:

  • Avast AntiVirus Users: Please first turn off the Avast Secure DNS - Instructions can be found on Avast AV Secure DNS website.
  • Please head to the Troubleshooting Wizard and run through all the checks.
  • If no errors are detected by the wizard, then please try to access Netflix through a different browser - i.e. Microsoft IE / Edge or Mozilla Firefox, and see if the issue is solved.
  • If a different browser doesn’t work, then it means that your device DNS cache is causing issues, and you'll need to Purge your Operating System cache - please follow this Flush DNS Guide.
    Windows users please note - we suggest to also run the following commands right after ipconfig /flushdns:
    net stop dnscache
    net start dnscache
  • If other browsers work well, you would need to purge your browser's DNS cache:
    Mozilla Firefox - Please install the DNS Flusher add-on for Firefox and press the Flush DNS icon.
    Google Chrome - Please follow the 'Flushing your Cache through Google Chrome' section of this helpful How-To Geek guide.

Everything should work well now. If it doesn't, please feel free to contact our support team and we'll do our best to assist.

I did everything but the Netflix App still doesn't work. Why is that?

Unlike Netflix for web (, the recent Netflix apps use hard-coded DNS settings, as well as hard-coded IP addresses - which means that it is nearly impossible to unblock the Netflix App using Smart DNS. Please follow our Netflix App guide for easy ways to unblock the Netflix App as well.

My IP address was not assigned to a US location! What's wrong?

Unlike most unblockers that rely on Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Keenow mainly relies on the Smart DNS technology to unblock content, and therefore using the basic unblocking feature of Keenow would not change the device's IP address. We do recommend to read the Technical FAQ section below to understand more about the differences between Smart DNS and VPN's. It is important to note that the premium version of Keenow Unblocker also includes unrestricted VPN access as well as state-of-the-art VPN client.

How can I uninstall Keenow?

Firstly, we are really sorry to see you go - and we would really appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts by contacting our support team - our CEO reviews the support tickets daily.

The Keenow Smart DNS Suite for Microsoft Windows adds an uninstallation entry to the Control Panel / Settings menu. You can uninstall the product by accessing the Start Menu and then Control Panel -> Add/Remove Program menu (Windows 7) or Settings -> System -> Apps and Features menu (Windows 10).
Manual Uninstallation guides for various OS can be found on our Setup Guides.

VPN and Smart DNS Technical FAQ for Geeks

What is the technology behind Keenow Unblocker?

Unlike most unblockers that solely rely on a VPN technology, Keenow mainly relies on the Smart DNS technology to unblock websites and apps. The Smart DNS technology allow us to provide a generous free plan (Keenow Lite) which can unblock hours and hours of online HD streaming everyday. The premium version of Keenow also uses the VPN technology, and includes an unlimited bandwidth VPN plan.

What is a DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. When a device is trying to connect to a remote server, the IP address of that remote server must be included in the request. Since IP addresses are usually hard to remember, a typical human-being would much rather remember a domain name such as '' than an IP address such as (try it). When encountering a domain name, your device first connects to a predefined Domain Name Server (DNS) which resolve the domain name to an IP address, allowing the device to send a request to the proper IP address - the network destination. This is where Keenow Unblocker steps in.

What is a SMART DNS?

Smart DNS is basically a customised DNS server which resolves domain names of streaming sites to proxy servers which are (normally) located in the US, allowing you to unblock US streaming sites no matter where you are situated right now around the world, and without compromising the speed of your Internet connection.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network technology that creates an encrypted network connection over the Internet between a client (you) and a remote server. Since military-grade encryption is being used, no one can decrypt the data flowing between the client and the server unless they have the proper decryption key - not your ISP, not your hackers, and definitely not your government. In most cases, remote VPN servers are located in the US and therefore you are being assigned with a US IP address which allows use to access US sites and apps.

How Smart DNS is better than VPN for streaming?

To answer this question, we must understand how VPN's actually create a private connection. When you start your VPN client, it actually creates an encrypted tunnel to a remote server, and encrypts all the data that flows through it. The VPN client actually encrypts and transmits ALL your bandwidth through remote servers, and therefore the solution is relatively slow and not cheap (unless the VPN providers decide to share your Internet connection with other people - but that's a different story). The bottom line - unless you want to conceal your online identity, VPN is most likely to be an overkill to just unblock streaming sites.

Smart DNS basically uses a set of filtering rules on the DNS level to determine which domain calls to proxy, and which not. Therefore, the solution works way faster than a VPN because it 'knows' exactly what data should pass through a proxy server and what not. In addition, this method allows us to provide the service for free.

Why devices and browsers cache DNS queries?

DNS resolution only takes few hundred milliseconds, but when a webpage calls 50 different domains it can get a bit tricky. In order to improve webpages loading speed, both Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome have a local cache where all previous DNS calls are saved, and quickly retrieved when you access different sites. In fact, that's one of the reasons that Chrome is such a fast browser.