How to setup Keenow VPN on Asus Routers

Please ensure that you have a Premium Keenow account before setting your device
Setup Keenow VPN on Asus Routers using the native OpenVPN feature:
1. Open your router setup menu and go to the VPN menu on the left
2. Now go to “VPN Client”.
3. Click on “Add Profile”
4. Select “OpenVPN”, then type the required details in the VPN window
Description - Type any name for your vpn connection.
User name and Password can be found on the Client Area (listed under your Active service)
5. Now you need to add the OpenVPN config files - Please download the config files from here. Click on “Browse” and choose the desired server location config and click “Open”
6. Select “Upload” and then click “OK”
7. Click on “Activate” and wait about 2 minutes.
8. That’s it! A blue check mark will appear. The connection is now created and ready to use.
To verify that you are connected to a VPN server, please go to and check whether your IP address and location have changed.